Performance Lab

The world’s most advanced nutrition technology.

Performance Lab

Mind Lab Pro

As featured in Max Pemberton’s Daily Mail column.

A scientifically proven way to enhance brainpower no matter your age, gender or aptitude.

With 2 capsules a day you can boost your long-term brain health and increase your mental performance.

D3 & K2

The world’s most advanced vitamin D supplement.

Nutritional ingredients to optimize your bones, teeth, cardio and immune function.

Nutropic Bars

The world’s smartest energy bar that boosts mood and mental performance.

With four delicious natural flavours and premium brain-boosting nootropics these bars can help you to sustain your mind and body energy.

Caffeine 2

A calm controlled natural caffeine boost.

Designed to enhance clarity and focus and eliminate burnouts.

Nutrigenesis for Women

The world’s most advanced multivitamin formula for women.

26 vitamins and minerals in one that support women’s nutritional needs and help boost daily performance.

Nutrigenesis for Men

The world’s most advanced multivitamin formula for men.

26 vitamins and minerals in one that support men’s nutritional needs and help boost daily performance.


The world’s cleanest, greenest Omega-3 supplement.

Optimizing brain, eye and heart health with Omega-3 straight from the source.

MCT Energy Oil

A drinkable energy boosting oil.

Made from coconuts but flavour neutral this oil enhances mind-body vitality and metabolic performance.


A daily brain boosting supplement.

Nutrients that enhance your brain performance and great for people new to the world of nootropics.


Night-time nutrition that helps you sleep better.

Nutrients that improve your sleep quality and promote mind-body cell renewal.


A daily vision boosting supplement.

Nutrients that promote high-speed focus and enhance visual performance and protection against damaging light sources.


A daily energy boosting supplement.


Caffeine-free supplement that stimulates energy producing mitochondria for a natural boost.


The world’s most advanced daily joint health supplement.

Natural botanical nutrients that protect aching joints and support full-body flexibility. 


A premium gut-health supplement.

Probiotic-boosting nutrients that promote digestive health and supports healthy immune performance.


The world’s most dynamic immune performance supplement.

A supplement to support long-range immune function and boost your natural immune system.

Pre Lab Pro

The world’s smartest pre-workout drink.

A drink that enhances energy, focus, muscle strength and power endurance and packed with electrolytes.


The world’s most advanced blender.

Perfect for mixing powders such as Pre lab Pro, it’s convenient and efficient.