The world’s most comfortable sleep headphones



Enjoy a deeper and more comfortable sleep with the original SnoozeBand™

Designed with ultra-thin and soft speakers that are perfect for side sleepers, it offers unmatchable comfort and an immersive audio experience. Sleep will never be the same again!

Snoozeband™ Deluxe

Ultra-thin, 4mm speakers that are covered in soft foam for unparalleled side-sleep comfort.

With improved sound quality, unmatchable side-sleep comfort, smart shut down timers and integrated white noise, SnoozeBand™ Deluxe is the most advanced Bluetooth sleep mask on the market.

Snoozeband™ 2.0

Upgrade your sleep experience with SnoozeBand™ 2.0, the ultimate sleep headphones designed with your utmost comfort in mind. 

The ultra-lightweight fabric is perfect for warmer months and hot sleepers, whilst the 4mm headphones ensure ultimate side-sleeping bliss.

Snoozeband™ Pro 2.0

*Updated 2023 SnoozeBand™ Pro 2.0 model with automatic shut-off timer, improved coverage and longer battery life.

Take control of sight and sound with SnoozeBand™ Pro and experience your deepest sleep. Made of soft brushed cotton on the outside and lightweight padding around the eyes, it allows you to truly relax whilst enjoying your favourite sounds.

Snoozeband™ Kids

The world’s most comfortable headphones for kids.

Featuring ultra-thin speakers within a stretchy headband, perfect for use with iPads, playing games, and watching cartoons – without any bulky headphones getting in the way or disturbing others around them!